Trust Nobody: Did You Know..

The phrase “Trust Nobody” may seem like a modern concept, but it actually has roots that date back to ancient times. In fact, one of the earliest recorded instances of this sentiment can be found in the Greek tragedy “Hippolytus” by Euripides, which was written in the 5th century BCE.
In the play, the character Phaedra says: “Trust no oath, and trust no man’s loyalty; they are but what they seem to be.” This quote shows that even in ancient times, people were wary of trusting others.
The phrase has since been used in various forms in literature, movies, TV shows, and music. For example, Tupac Shakur famously rapped “Trust nobody” in his song “Only God Can Judge Me.” The phrase has also been popularized in modern culture through TV shows like “The X-Files,” where it was the slogan of the villainous Syndicate.
So there you have it, the origin of the phrase “Trust Nobody” dates back to ancient times, and has been used in various forms in popular culture ever since.

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