The Government’s Latest Tool for Surveillance and Control.
As the world rapidly moves towards a cashless society, the Federal Reserve has recently unveiled their latest project: FedNow. On the surface, FedNow seems like a convenient and efficient way to transfer money digitally in real-time. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this new digital currency is just another tool for the government to monitor, control and silence any dissenting citizens with impunity.

First and foremost, the introduction of FedNow means that the government will have access to all financial transactions made using the digital currency. This includes the ability to track every single purchase, transfer, and transaction made by an individual. With this level of surveillance, it is clear that the government will be able to monitor and track every aspect of an individual’s financial life. This level of control is unprecedented and has serious implications for our privacy and civil liberties.

Moreover, with the introduction of FedNow, the government will have the ability to freeze or seize assets with just the click of a button. This means that if the government deems an individual’s behaviour as “disobedient” or “dangerous,” they can easily freeze their assets, rendering them unable to make any transactions. This level of control over an individual’s finances is extremely concerning and could potentially lead to abuse of power.

Furthermore, with FedNow, the government will have the ability to completely silence any dissenting voices. Imagine a scenario where an individual or group of individuals use their digital currency to support a cause that the government does not agree with. With FedNow, the government can easily freeze their assets and silence their voice, effectively stifling any form of dissent.

In conclusion, the introduction of FedNow is just another step towards a totalitarian state where the government has complete control over every aspect of our lives. The ability to monitor, control, and silence disobedient citizens is a clear violation of our fundamental rights and freedoms. We must stand up and fight against this blatant attack on our privacy and civil liberties. The future of our democracy depends on it.

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