Apollo 20

The Apollo 20 mission was a top-secret NASA mission that supposedly took place in August 1976. However, unlike the other Apollo missions, the objective of the Apollo 20 mission was not to explore the moon but to investigate an extraterrestrial spaceship that had crash-landed on the moon.

According to conspiracy theorists, the Apollo 20 mission discovered a massive spaceship on the dark side of the moon. The spaceship was said to be over two miles long and was shaped like a cigar. The conspiracy theorists claim that the spaceship was of extraterrestrial origin and was abandoned by its crew on the moon.

The conspiracy theorists claim that the Apollo 20 mission was kept secret by NASA and the US government because they did not want to reveal the existence of extraterrestrial life. They also claim that the mission was scrubbed from official records and that the footage and photographs of the spaceship were suppressed.

One of the key pieces of evidence that conspiracy theorists point to is a series of videos and photographs that supposedly show the interior of the alien spaceship. These images show what appear to be the remains of an extraterrestrial female in a glass coffin. The conspiracy theorists claim that this extraterrestrial female was recovered from the spaceship and taken back to Earth for analysis.

However, the mainstream scientific community has dismissed these claims as unfounded and baseless. NASA and other space agencies have repeatedly denied the existence of extraterrestrial life and any evidence of extraterrestrial contact. They claim that the images and videos presented by conspiracy theorists are either hoaxes or misinterpretations of natural phenomena.

Despite this, conspiracy theorists continue to believe in the Apollo 20 mission and the existence of the alien spaceship on the moon. They claim that the government and mainstream media are covering up the truth about extraterrestrial life and that the Apollo 20 mission is just one example of this cover-up.

In conclusion, the Apollo 20 conspiracy theory remains a controversial topic. While the evidence presented by conspiracy theorists may seem convincing to some, the scientific community has not found any concrete evidence to support the claims. Whether or not the truth about the Apollo 20 mission and the alleged alien spaceship will ever be revealed remains to be seen.

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