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Privately Policy

This is a public forum and social media network which means that you should reasonably expect anything you post, reply to or share to be publicly available to other site members and visitors.

What do we store on our server?

  • Your User Name, Display Name, Password and Email Address.
  • Any images you upload, including your avatar and videos.
  • All your public posts including direct messages (DMs).

The information we store on our server is necessary for the website to function as intended. Without this information your account wouldn’t work, posts wouldn’t persist and other users wouldn’t get your direct messages etc. It is for this reason we encourage you to remain anonymous by using a fake name and suggest creating an email account just for this website. Choose a username that can’t be used to track or identify you in real life and a profile photo that doesn’t give your identity away either. Finally, use the Tor browser for added anonymity.


Definitely not the eating kind. But absolutely necessary in order to keep you logged in while posting. Not for tracking!

Learn more about Session Cookies and how to manage them here:

Third Parties

We want to keep your data safe, so we have opted to use Cloudflare as well as our internal security measures.


We use Cloudflare for added security and performance (Caching, DNS, DDoS protection and Firewall).

If you’re one of these people who think Cloudflare are this big evil corporation then don’t register with us (no hard feelings). Every single CDN, DNS and Hosting provider in the world has the potential to abuse their customers trust. Your ISP, your VPN provider, absolutely anybody that sees or routes your traffic has the power to abuse it. Plus when you’re on a budget, like we are, you accept all the help you can and so far we’ve found Cloudflare to be the most honest and supportive CDN out there.

Account Deletion

Email [email protected] from the email address of the account you want to delete, with your request and consent to delete your account.