The Pure Evil That is Pizzagate

By | 4th April 2019

We live in a sick world, run by evil psychopaths. There’s nothing more evil and sickening than Pizzagate. An elite paedophilia ring shrouded in sexual abuse, torture and murder of children by powerful individuals inside the US Government and various celebrity figures.

The paedophile ring was discovered after thousands of emails were leaked from one of Hillary Clintons’ private email servers. Many of these emails included a secret code used only by paedophiles, phrases like “Pizza”, “Cheese”, “Hotdogs” and “Gravy” were used in emails that made no sense on there own. I mean, who the fuck orders thousands of dollars worth of hotdogs for a take away ? Or invites you over to share ONE slice of pizza ?

The majority of the conspiracy theories and investigative news articles have been labelled as “conspiracies” (in the negative tone) or dismissed outright as fake news. By guess who ? You go it, the mainstream media!

This YouTube video by Alex Jones pretty much sums up my disgust!

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